Here is everything, access to all information and knowledge that I can bring into this lifetime, it’s right here, within my grasp for I have designed it to be so. Blessed be

Divine Mother Temple

Divine Mother Temple is a beautiful collaboration that began when three friends gathered in June 2021 and decided it was time for the village energy to be reformed. We are Bec, Katie & Avalon. We are passionate about rebuilding community, we host gatherings where we can support, educate, encourage & inspire each other as we walk our earth path.

Its a great space to meet & get to know other beautiful beings in a safe and supportive environment. Our next gathering is tomorrow Friday 12th of November. This is a free gathering.

Simply head over to to register on the website and you will receive the zoom link for tomorrows gathering on zoom at 1.30pm aest. Alternatively you can watch the replay !

The topic of this Circle is:

Plugging into source connection for soul sovereignty

During these changing times, join us in sacred space to:

  • connect deeply with source and your own sovereignty

  • explore how to implement empowering tools in your life

  • inspire action so we can really step into this new paradigm we are birthing together.

This circle will have a different structure to the others, so we can honour each others' time and keep the call within an hour or so.

>> Recordings of the first Temple Circles

You can now watch all our Divine Mother Temple Circles HERE on

the one page.

If you would like to CONNECT WITH us individually - you can subscribe to stay up to date with what each of us is doing individually and then collectively under the Divine Mother Temple




We look forward to introducing new speakers and facilitators into this space so we can all tap into the wealth of wisdom we have available in our community.

Thank you for being part of this evolutionary Divine Mother Temple movement as we weave a more beautiful world together.

We look forward to seeing you on Friday if you can join us.

All Our Love,

Bec, Avalon & Katie

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