Here is everything, access to all information and knowledge that I can bring into this lifetime, it’s right here, within my grasp for I have designed it to be so. Blessed be

New Moon in Capricorn Jan 3rd 2022

First New Moon for 2022

This new moon energy is all about our future, about awakening to our higher state of being. This energy wants to shift us into higher realms, fast change, sudden and different energy. straight away we begin January with this. What a powerful way to start 2022 !

During this new moon set some seeds, some new intentions for the whole year of 2022. Let the universe know what you want, for you and for the planet. I encourage you to write this down, don’t underestimate the power of the pen, writing something down really cements it in, total magick !

What if…… Imagine…….. Dream Big……… Limitless possibilities……

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