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Numerology: The Basics

Updated: Mar 26, 2018

Numerology is really fun to explore as well as being a valuable resource tool.

Just as astrology can tell you so much about yourself, numerology can also be a wonderful tool to assist you to understand what makes you tick, giving you valuable insights into yourself and those around you. Numerology is one of the more profound of the esoteric sciences, this particular method dating back to 500bc (the pythagorean method). Yet it is also such a simple system, requiring just a pen and paper. In fact, you can draft up a simple chart within minutes !

In this workshop my aim is that you will: * Learn how to read and understand a basic chart, interpeting the numbers and the arrows to give you a deeper understanding of the strengths, shortcomings, talents and gifts you have. * Learn to understand ruling numbers ie. the number that governs your life, the importance of the cycle of nine years, and the how you can harness that energy in regard to the timing of events in your life.

Your presenter is Katie Gasson

Details of the workshop are:

Date: 4/4/18

Time: 10am -2.30pm

Venue: 25 Nash Street, Woolgoolga, NSW , Australia

Great value at $80

For Booking details please contact Katie via the contact page on this website,

follow the event via my facebook page

or head straight to the event page via facebook at

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