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"I am a powerful being of light,
I manifest my reality."

The aim of Pink Sky is to provide a loving environment where people can explore New Age concepts, learn about energy, chakras, crystals, angels, guides, and themselves.


Pink Sky is an open minded setting where individuals are gently guided to improve the quality of their own lives by expanding their perception and exploring life beyond the limits of what we see and feel in our physical world.


Hi, my name is Katie Gasson. I am a qualified teacher and healer. I run guided visualisation meditation classes in Woolgoolga, on the mid north coast of NSW, Australia. Meditation is wonderful for our overall health, inviting calm and focus into our lives. You can join my Monthly Meditation Membership Circledownload my guided meditations or connect with me.  


I have a great passion and enthusiasm for assisting people to explore their own strength and power that can often be buried deep within us. I use Tarot ReadingsNumerology as wonderful tools to assist in unveiling your unique beautiful self.


Understanding yourself, your skills, talents and strengths using one of these tools can give such incredible insights into improving your relationships and empowering you in all aspects of your life. I also conduct energy clearings, which work like an energy spring clean for your home and office space.


To find out more, I invite you to connect with me.

I am here, I am now, I’m awake, I’m alive

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