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Pink Sky

Welcome to my Members Area!
A Blessing of Strength

We stand together
in solidarity, in strength, in truth
As anchors for Light and Love here on Gaia
For recognition of who we truly are
United we hold space for all this as we feel our light grow.


Signing up is easy!

I invite you to Become part of my growing community of amazing beings who share the same vision: A peaceful, harmonious & joyous existence here on Gaia.
Where thought goes, energy flows.
We recognize that this vision begins within ourselves and meditation is key!

My offering to you

Your monthly subscription will give you access to the following bundle from me:
  • 33A$
    Every month
    • Four recorded meditations for you to enjoy in your own time
    • Notes with each meditation on topical and relevant energies
    • A monthly Zoom gathering where you can meet our community
    • Membership of our telegram chat line
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