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"I anchor myself in
the Here,
the Now,
the Present,


Blessed Be".

Pink Sky


I invite you to Become part of my growing community of amazing beings who share the same vision: A peaceful, harmonious & joyous existence here on Gaia.

Where thought goes, energy flows.
We recognize that this vision begins within ourselves and meditation is key!

Pink Sky


I have some wonderful meditations that you can download to guide you gently into the practice of regular meditation. Get started today…

Pink Sky



IN HOUSE This is a guided meditation where we tap into the current energy of universal and earth, receiving exactly what we need direct from Divine Source each week.


Within our meditations we explore and gain insights into Crystals, Angels, Energy, Chakras, and all things spiritual!


Tuesday mornings 10am til Midday in Woolgoolga    $15

UPCOMING Lions Gate Portal Meditation 8/8/2022 via ZOOM

This is a guided meditation where we tap into the powerful energies of the Lions Gate Portal together as a powerful community of light we will become an anchor point for this upgrade. Meditate with me in this powerful space using zoom.

Monday 8th August 2022 7pm NSW Aus time    $15



Meditation is a reset for your whole being. Now more than even its so important to make time to meditate. It grounds you, reconnecting you to the flow of universal and earth energies. It calms your whole being, allowing you to feel a deep peace and an reassuring sense that ‘all is well’ in that moment when you stop to meditate..

Once you begin to experience the benefits that meditation has to offer, you will find that it easily becomes a regular part of your routine . It encourages you to focus on the here and now, to learn to be completely present in each moment. When meditating regularly you begin to notice that your mind is clearer and your thoughts are more positive.


Meditation gives your brain some time-out and gives the mind a spring clean.

“I am calm, clear and balanced
 in heart, mind and body.
I breathe in calm, I exhale all else”.

Some of the benefits of regular meditation:

  • Helps you to relax on a deep level

  • Helps you clear your head and aura of old energy

  • Recharges your energetic body

  • Reminds you to reconnect to mother earth

  • Helps you to step back and observe your life

  • Helps you to tune into and observe whats going on with your physical body, listening to its needs

  • Provides you the perfect space to think and plan clearly

  • Helps you to naturally slow down your breathing


In turn all of this will greatly assist:

  • your sleep

  • your memory

  • your physical health

  • your emotional stability

Quotes from my 

circles at Pink Sky


Your meditation sessions are opening so many doors, things that I have touched on over the years but now I feel I can bring them all together and I am loving the journey. I have to say a BIG THANK YOU Katie for helping me back on my path to enlightenment. PAM

Thank you so much for all the wonderful positive energy that you brought into my life, since I met you. And the amazing meditation classes, you are the first person that has been able to relax me, so for that I thank you from the bottom of my heart. AMANDA

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