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"I am


to be me

love from the universe heals me

love from the earth nourishes me"


Diploma of Metaphysics & Metaphysical Healing


My name is Katie, I am the founder and spiritual director of Pink Sky. I live in Woolgoolga, on the mid north coast of NSW, Australia.  I have lived in Australia for over 35 yrs and greatly enjoy the beauty of the Australian bushland and beaches. I was born and raised in Dublin, Ireland and I still maintain a strong connection to my Celtic heritage.


My Passions

I have a great passion and enthusiasm for assisting people to explore their own strength and power that can often be buried deep within us. I love to encourage others to find their true selves and to tap into their unique gifts, assisting this process and gently guiding them to allow the beautiful being inside to shine forth for the world to see. Watching as an individual grows stronger and more joyful, finding meaning and purpose in their life, is such a joy and is very rewarding.


My New Age background

I studied for over three years at Chiara College of Metaphysics, Crows Nest, Sydney in the late 1990’s, which provided me with a broader experience and range of techniques to enhance my natural skills. Whilst studying at Chiara College, I completed a Diploma of Metaphysics and Spiritual Healing, studying Metaphysics, Parapsychology, Spiritual Healing and the art of divination with Tarot Cards.
And so began a quest for knowledge that still continues! Along the way I have also studied modalities such as:

  • Australian Bush Flower Essences (Bush Biotherapies Pty Ltd) at Terry Hills, Sydney

  • Kinergetics Level 1 and 2 at Nature Care College, St Leonards, Sydney

  • Raising the Vibration – Advanced Healing Techniques with Angela Brand, Crows Nest, Sydney.


How I can assist you on your journey:

Meditation Circles

Meditation Downloads

Chakra Readings

Space Clearing

Energy Workshops

For further details I invite you to connect with me

I am here, I am now, I’m awake, I’m alive!

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