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True healing comes when we let go and release,
trust and allow.
Tarot Readings


Drawing on my Celtic upbringing as an intuitive empath, I am passionate about assisting you to empower your life, gently guiding you as you seek and acknowledge your true self, and live a meaningful loving life.

Combining my skills with numerology and oracle cards, reveals how your current energy patterns are affecting your life and provides deeper insights into what your true self wants to share with you at this time. This is a very insightful way of communicating with your own inner guidance, assisting you to tap into the real you. Together we seek clarity on your true qualities, shedding light on old thought processes that no longer serve you and most importantly, receiving messages from the divine that help harness and encourage your own divine gifts to shine forth. 


You are an amazing spiritual being!
Own this truth, live it! Follow your dreams!

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If you feel that the area you are working in or living in contains stale or heavy energy, or you sense that there are lost spirits present, maybe certain areas feel ‘not quite right’ to you, they feel dark or hazy, then this energy work can help.​

Similar to clearing your own body energy, this works like a spring clean for your home or work space.  I clear away the old energy and assist any lost spirits to cross over, with the help of some wonderful angels.  A space clearing will leave the area feeling relaxed and looking brighter, often it can look and feel like a fresh coat of paint.

This treatment is available remotely. I have had amazing results tuning into energy as far away as  the other side of the globe! Space is no barrier to energy!
Connect with me below to ask questions about this powerful method.

Space Clearing


Bellydance Classes Online. Thursday Evening 7pm-8pm!

We dance to a variety of music including pop, indie rock, funk, hip hop and rock! Great exercise & awesome fun!

New to bellydance? No problem! Each week we drill the basic moves as part of our class, using different music each week to drill to. My aim is to keep you moving for the whole hour. Shimmy Shimmy!! 

Classes are held at Community Village Hall, 8 Boundary St, Woolgoolga.
Phone Katie on 0416 031 862 to book in.
$15 for a class or book a block of 5 classes for $50!

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I am here, I am now, I’m awake, I’m alive!

I invite you to explore my
downloadable meditations

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