True healing comes when we let go and release,
trust and allow.



Drawing on my abilities as a skilled healer and clairvoyant, I can counsel you on your journey, assisting you to release the past, embrace the future, gently guiding you to connect with and follow your true path.




For something completely different try a Chakra reading. Following the pattern of the Tree of Life I work with my oracle cards to create an intuitive reading based on your chakra system.

This will give you an interpretation of how your current energy patterns are affecting your life and deeper insights into what your true self has to share with you at this time. It is a very insightful way of communicating with your own inner guidance, assisting you to tap into the real you. Discovering your true qualities, clearing  away old thought processes and encouraging your own divine gifts to shine forth. 




Your name and date of birth have an energy that is unique to you, numerology is a study of those numbers and their energetic vibration. By graphing your birth numbers I can show you where your strengths are and the areas that you are working on, we can explore areas such as your communication skills, emotional strengths and your creativity. This will give you some wonderful insights into your character, it is a very useful tool for learning more about yourself and understanding what makes you tick.




A gentle yet powerful spring clean for the energetic body, clearing the aura and chakras, releasing any blocks of old energy and emotions.  Encouraging good energy flow all through you both physically and on a spiritual energy level. This treatment is particularly beneficial to assist you when dealing with grief, overwhelm, feelings of being stuck, or when you feel you are lacking vitality/ feeling lacklustre.  Some comments I often hear clients say after a balance are: "I feel so relaxed", "my mind is so clear" and "my energy is recharged, I feel ready to embrace life again". As with all of my treatments this work can be done remotely.



If you feel that the area you are working in or living in contains stale or heavy energy, or you sense that there are lost spirits present, maybe certain areas feel ‘not quite right’ to you, they feel dark or hazy, then this energy work can help.

Similar to clearing your own body energy, this works like a spring clean for your home or office.  I clear away the old energy and assist any lost spirits to cross over, with the help of some wonderful angels.  A space clearing will leave the area feeling relaxed and looking brighter, often it can look and feel like a fresh coat of paint.


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I am here, I am now, I’m awake, I’m alive!

I would love to assist you on your earth journey, email me at or call 0416 031 862

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