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How Cicadas can help you relax

Here in Australia our summers are often filled with the sounds of Cicadas. If you are lucky enough to hear this in bushland near you try this:

Take a few seconds to settle your body, breathe in, hold, then breathe out. Settle and relax. Feel nature calling you home to it’s rhythm. As the cicada song begins to build, image that vibration buzzing through your joints, your muscles, shaking out the old energy. As the Cicada song settles back down feel that stillness settling over your physical body, bringing peace and stillness to your whole being. Begin to allow your vibration to come into line with the Cicada song, breathing in as the Cicada song builds, relaxing and breathing back out as the Cicada song falls away.

This little lady is a member of a species called "The Black Prince" . She landed on our back patio shortly after I asked my husband about the unusual cicada sound I had heard that day. Their song is certainly very distinct. And what a treat to actually see her !

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