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Here is everything, access to all information and knowledge that I can bring into this lifetime, it’s right here, within my grasp for I have designed it to be so. Blessed be

July at Pink Sky !

We have some exciting events across the month of July for you to choose from.

1. Cycles & Biorhythms Workshop with Corrie Wade Wednesday 18/7/18 10am til 1pm $80 "Mapping the currents of your life" Learn how to chart and navigate the hidden cycles and patterns of your path. Take a dive into your past, look with new eyes upon your present, and get excited about the future to come. Using a variety of beautiful systems, this workshop has something for everyone. This is a hands on workshop, participants will be mapping and exploring their own profiles straight away, and have a number of wonderful designs and charts to take home.

2. Enneagram and the Magic of Numbers with Corrie Wade Saturday 21/7/18 10am til 1pm $80 Welcome to this three hour introductory workshop "9 Perspectives, 9 Personalities". Nine little numbers: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9. each containing a rich tapestry of ideas and unique perspectives. Nine simple little numbers yes, nine deep reservoirs of wisdom and information. Nine frameworks, that are essential for any budding student of Numerology, Sacred Geometry, Name Analysis (Gematria), Enneagram, and so much more. There are patterns that fill our daily lives, surround us at every moment, hidden in plain sight. Once you speak this language, you begin to perceive the patterns, and the world around you starts to transform. This workshop will show participants how to use this language to access the Art of the Enneagram. The Enneagram system uses personality profiling to determine what personality type you are. Simply put, there are nine different personality types - one for each of the nine numbers - with their own unique set of strategies & behaviours; nine different perspectives that comprise a greater whole. This system allows participants to begin identifying their type & start exploring their unconscious behaviours & mechanisms that keep them locked out of their true potential. The beauty of the Enneagram is that it weaves the psychological AND cosmological into one powerful system of self reflection and inspiration - personality profiling embedded in a larger spiritual framework. Are you ready to be inspired?

3. Exploring your Psychic Abilities : Intensive workshop with Val Hood 23/7/18 10am til 5pm $180 Note from Val: Teaching for me is a real passion. Let me help you to discover your own innate abilities whether psychic or mediumistic...we all have them !!!! Most of us who start out with this work think we are crazy, is this for real, am I making it up? But I can assure you that you are not! Being a psychic/medium you will question yourself and spirit all the time, this is normal. What you have to learn to do is TRUST. Do you want to tap into this work? Well I can help you. We are not all meant to be mediums BUT this training can help us discover ourselves as well as other things. So you have come to the right place, come and have fun discovering your own innate talents.

4. Psychic Development & Intuition with Rosemary Crawford 27/7/18 10am til noon $20 A wonderful space to explore your psychic abilities and your intuition in this lovely class. Sharing space with like minded souls, being gently guided by Rosemary Crawford whilst you explore all things metaphysical. It is our intention that this will be a monthly class giving Rosemary the perfect space to share many varied & interesting psychic development topics. ** no prior experience necessary, open to beginners through to advanced ** Friday 27th of July 2018, 10am til 12 noon at Pink Sky Wellness Space, 25 Nash Street, Woolgoolga.

For more information on any of these workshops please contact me on 0416 031 862, email me on or visit my facebook page at

Big Pink Hugs, Katie

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