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Here is everything, access to all information and knowledge that I can bring into this lifetime, it’s right here, within my grasp for I have designed it to be so. Blessed be

My Whale Adventures

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

It all began when we had this amazing meditation on the theme of ‘The Magician’ It was very much focused on reminding ourselves of how amazing we are, how we create our world and attract energy to us by our thoughts, our words, our emotions etc. It was a very powerful meditation. We invited in Archangel Metatron among some other glorious beings.

The morning after that meditation I was walking around our beautiful headland with a girlfriend. I was talking about the meditation and I mentioned Archangel Metatron. I then mentioned Metatron’s Cube and as I spoke those words, a whale caught my attention as it became visible above the water, splashing about. I looked at my friend and we laughed ‘did you see that, right when I said Metatron’s Cube! ‘ I spoke the phrase again ‘Metatron’s Cube! ‘ – and the whale reappeared again! Four times I spoke those words aloud and four times the whale rose to the surface and splashed, right on cue. I didn’t push it further, my heart was filled with excitement and joy. We walked closer to the edge of the water and we chanted to the whales.

That night I dreamt of whales. There was a group of them in the water quite close to the edge of the shore, I was floating and looking around thinking ‘goodness, they are pretty big, I hope I will be okay’. Then a lady’s voice said loudly ‘prepare to be kissed by a whale friend’, with that the whale to my left turned to face me and this beautiful big whale mouth touched my whole face. The connection was brief but truly amazing. As the whale turned to float past me, a massive, beautiful eye met mine. I can still imagine all of this so strongly when I tune in and close my eyes, what a gift!

A few days later, I took myself up to the headland at sunrise, it was the morning of the Full Moon August 22nd, a stunning morning, unusually warm for our area in late winter. I had the intention to connect with the beautiful whale energy again. There were a handful of fishing boats out on the water stretched across the horizon, a beautiful peaceful sight as the water was so clear & calm. But I thought the boats would deter the whales from coming closer to the shore. I decided to meditate and chant to the whales anyway even though none were visible. My two favourite spots were taken by other people enjoying the headland and I felt the urge to discover a new spot. I climbed down, scrambling over rocks and tufts of headland grasses finding a wonderfully private spot nestled among some tall rocks. When I looked to my right I could see an amazing sight, one of my favourite spots to sit at, looked like a sleeping dragon from this angle, wow ! You can view this in the photo.

I meditated for a few minutes, then with eyes closed I began chanting, I allowed my voice to find its own sound, my vibration, my soul essence. Amazing sounds came out of my vocal chords, it was glorious to just let loose to the ocean. Suddenly in the midst of this I heard a sound, perhaps a bird screech, perhaps a whale, Im not sure, but I opened my eyes and there before me out to sea was a mother whale with her baby! What joy !!!

Last night our meditation was all about Whale Energy. I find it fascinating to discover that there is a connection between whales and Sirius, with the energy of Lions Gate only just behind us now. There is certainly an abundance of magick here on Gaia, when we are open to it. I encourage you to meditate daily to top up & recharge your energy, please make it a priority. Our powerful energy will get us through these challenging times. Even five minutes of breathing will help you reconnect to your true essence.

I invite you to join our Meditation circles, subscribe today and share in the magick we create as a community. Together we are AMAZING !!

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