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Rustic Tones - a Sound & Frequency Workshop

Updated: Mar 26, 2018

You can harness the power of frequency within yourself, using this energy to heal and balance your body!

This interesting workshop is aimed at assisting us to understand the effect that sound and frequency has on our bodies and on our lives. It is a starting point from which to tap into our own unique and powerful vibration (frequency) to help us learn how to balance and heal ourselves on all levels, mind, body and soul.

Our presenters for this workshop are Dianne Skinner and Katie Gasson.

We will begin with an explanation of some of the aspects of sound and frequency in our daily lives, followed by a gentle meditation to assist you to centre and ground your energy. From this wonderful space of relaxation. We will experience the use of voice frequency through Dianne, as a powerful resonator for healing and balance to occur.

After a short break we will conduct some exercises where we can begin to explore the unique resonance within our own individual bodies.

Dianne has over 30 yrs. experience in the field of sound and frequency. Indeed Dianne regularly uses frequency in her healing treatments (think tuning forks but with the use of the voice as the instrument) Katie has been running meditation circles now for over 17 yrs. Katie is also available for energy balancing, tarot readings and space clearing.

The details for this fun and very informative workshop are: Venue: 51 Toscan Lane, Coffs Harbour 7th of April 2018 1pm til 4pm Great value at $80

Please contact Katie for further information or bookings on 0416 031 862 or email or head straight to my facebook page to book, following the prompts on this website to 'under a pink sky' woolgoolga.

Or go directly to the event at

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