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Here is everything, access to all information and knowledge that I can bring into this lifetime, it’s right here, within my grasp for I have designed it to be so. Blessed be

Solstice, New moon and Solar Eclipse

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

Solstice, New moon and Solar Eclipse so much beautiful energy to work with this weekend !!! Here is an idea for you, lets set some powerful intentions for Gaia and all beings living here on Gaia at this time.

Wishes & blessings for our planet at Solstice. Just imagine for a moment that you are a powerful being of light that you can manifest your reality.. Well you ARE and you CAN. A magickal wishing tree Here’s a beautiful way to explore this and spread some lovely energy on Gaia. Set up a small tree indoors. It may be a cutting from a tree or bush that you find, stick it into a pot with soil or sand to hold it anchored (like an indoor Christmas tree) Encourage everyone in your household to write something to put onto the tree. You could make lots of heart or star shapes and write these blessings and wishes on there. Not sure what to write? Start with gratitude for the opportunity to have this human experience. Gratitude for your legs, your eyesight… you get the idea. What do you wish the future to look like for us humans and Gaia. If a genie could grant you that wish, what does reality look like. Not sure what to imagine? How about clean free energy… strong supportive communities…. That’s it, create with your mind….. allow nature and universal forces to give you ideas of what a beautiful world looks like. Your ideas might come out on paper, you might use one or two words instead of sentences, perhaps they are drawn as concepts, as bubbles of energy, there are no rules here, be guided by your imagination. Hang all of these beautiful thoughts, ideas, blessings and wishes as baubles on your ‘tree’. You can add more ‘baubles’ to it in the coming weeks as the moon grows to full moon. You may like to write about this beautiful world in your diary, creating it in your mind, smiling at the ideas and visuals that your mind is crafting. The power of this is unbelievable. We are Master Manifestors and Creators beyond our wildest dreams. Everything begins with the smallest seed of an idea , a thought…….. Have fun !!!

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