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Breathe, slow down, clear the chakras, connect with tree energy. A whole hour of relaxing guided visualisation to refresh your energy.


Guided Visualisation : 60 minutes

  • A one hour meditation split into tracks as follows:

    • Setup - Clear your meditation space, call in your energy & ground
    • Breathe, just breathe - Focus on your breathing, listening to gentle ocean sounds
    • Slow Down - Move through & relax each part of the physical body
    • Chakra and Aura Clearing - Draw universal light in to cleanse your spiritual body
    • Tree Energy - become one with the slow steady pace of nature
    • a & b . Positive Visualisation (includes my song Ode to Guides) - Attracting positive energy to a future time frame

    Ground and protect - Reconnect to the earth & seal your aura

    To experience the benefits of meditation, regular practice is recommended, however we don’t often have a full hour in which to meditate. With this in mind I have designed these short meditation tracks to fit into our busy lifestyles. Depending on the time available to you, choose one, two or more from any of those listed. I would recommend that you include the grounding track at the end of your session when possible, to protect, reconnect and ground your energy.

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