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Here is everything, access to all information and knowledge that I can bring into this lifetime, it’s right here, within my grasp for I have designed it to be so. Blessed be

New moon in Taurus April 23rd 2020

Calling all Dream Weavers!

Taurus is the sign most connected to Mother Earth, lets shape our future because we are the weavers of the New Earth. What a fantastic opportunity we are being given at this time on the planet.

Did you know that ‘YOU ARE A POWERFUL BEING OF LIGHT’ ? This new moon we set our intentions not just for ourselves but for the whole planet !!! See life in your mind’s eye, see happy people, see prosperity and abundance for everyone, people and nature co-existing in a harmonious union. Clean air, clean energy, let your imagination guide you to create a vison of a Paradise on earth. Don’t try to figure out how this will work, leave that up to the universe and the earth elementals. Your job is simply to visually create and weave an idea, to tell the universe what you want. Put your request in to the universe, write about it, or draw it in your journal. Feed this dream and make it real, give it energy by thinking about it lots in the coming weeks. Every time you feel yourself being drawn into fear, stop and reset, come back to being a crafter and designer of positive energy. Know this, say this out loud “ I am a powerful being of light, I manifest my reality. My every word, deed, intention, emotion, thought, all create my reality”. Taurus heightens our senses, therefore, make a conscious effort from the new moon this Thursday, for the whole moon cycle, to watch what you are manifesting, watch where your focus is, what are you thinking? Keep bringing it back to the positive. Everything around you is providing you with choices of where you can put your focus and energy. Like choosing from a restaurant menu, as ideas, beliefs, stories, ideas and information is all brought to your attention, decide for yourself if you will choose to bring it into your reality. Remind yourself what a powerful being you are. For example catch yourself in your daily life, listen to your gut feelings, make choices often, for example: ‘Hearing or seeing this, it does not make me feel good, I choose not to buy into this energy.’ Move on ! ‘Ahh this makes me feel good, I will add this to my image of my new world I am designing’.

Keep bringing yourself back to positive. If you are finding this very difficult, I would recommend a gratitude journal. Begin with ‘I am grateful for this new day, for the sunshine, for nature, for that butterfly I just saw’ etc…. We can always find something to be grateful for.

Combine your powerful energy with so many other beautiful souls that are also manifesting a magical world. Most of all EXPECT TO CREATE MIRACLES !!

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